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Question:  What types of pension plans qualify for your lump sum cash pension buyout service?
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Answer: We purchase virtually all types of pensions, including All Military,, Corporate, Teacher, Union, VA Disability, Local and State Government and even traditionally non-assignable pension plans.  Please note that any IRS liens against your pension will disqualify it from consideration.


Question:  How long is the term of my pension buyout period?

Based on the amount of cash and ffp2 maske kaufen apotheke you desire we provide pension buyout terms that range from 3 years, 5 years, 7 years and 10 years.  We can even customize a buyout period once we have received your quote request identifying your cash objective.

Question:  Is there a minimum monthly amount of my pension income that I must sell to qualify for your pension buyout services?

Answer:  Yes;  $400 per month in net payments.


Question:  Am I required to pay any upfront application fees, closing costs, etc.?


Answer:  No.  There are no up front fees or closing cost associated with our pension buyout services and the amount of cash that we agree to purchase your pension for is the exact amount that you will receive at funding.


Question:.  Do I have to have perfect credit to qualify for your pension buyout services?

Answer:  No.  Your past credit history and your credit scores have no bearing whatsoever on qualifying for our pension buyout service.   As long as you have a qualifying pension plan and either currently have life insurance or can qualify for a new life insurance policy you meet the qualifications for our pension buyout service.  Note that any filed liens against your pension income would be disqualification for our services.


Question:  Why must I have a life insurance policy?

Answer:  Just as mortgage lender requires a homeowner to have an insurance policy, we require a life insurance policy be in place before funding the purchase of a pension.  Understandably, if the pensioner should unexpectedly pass away then all pension payments to us will cease.  A life insurance policy helps to protect the integrity of our long term cash investment to buyout part of your pension income.  Furthermore, in the event a life insurance policy is paid out, any additional monies in excess of the balance owed on your pension buyout term will be awarded directly to your designated beneficiary.


Question:  How long does it take after I submit my signed purchase agreement to receive my cash funds?

Answer: The avarage turnaround time is 8 to 12 weeks once all documents and insurance are received in house.


Question:  Do you provide pension buyout services in all 50 states?

Answer:  Yes.  We can purchase a qualified pension plan from within any of the 50 states.

Question:  Can I use my existing life insurance policy to meet your requirement of having life insurance?

Answer: Yes.  You would be able to use your existing life insurance plan by simply making a modification on the beneficiary and the percentage of payout.  This will be explained in detail during the process of your pension buyout.

Question:  Am I required to set up a different bank account to sell part of my pension income?

Answer: No.  There are no additional bank accounts required to be opened.

Question:  Do you pay a referral fee if I should refer a qualified individual to use your services?

Answer: Yes.  Once you are in the contracted process of selling your pension and from thereafter, you can refer prospects to use our services and receive a referral fee once that individual’s pension has been purchased.

Question:  Can I use any of my social security entitlement in your pension buyout service?

Answer: No.  We cannot purchase any part of social security income payments.

Question:  Do you offer your pension buyout services for individuals that receive VA Disability payments?

Answer: Yes.  If you have a qualified VA Disability income stream we can purchase a portion of your payment just like any other qualified pension plan.

Question:  At the end of my pension buyout term, can I sell my pension again if I so desire?

Answer: Yes.  At the end of your agreed pension buyout period, you can sell the same portion of your pension income again or any qualified amount to obtain the amount of cash you so desire.

Question:If I receive multiple streams of income from different pension funds can I use more than one pension plan to qualify for your pension buyout services?

Answer:   Yes.  We can use one or more than one qualified pension plan to qualify for our pension buyout services.  In addition, if at some point in the future you desire to sell an additional part of your pension income we can accommodate that scenario as well.

Question:  How are the funds made available to me once my pension is purchased?

Answer:  Cash funds are wire transferred directly into the bank account that you have so designated.

Question:  Are there any restrictions on how I may use the cash from the selling of my pension?

Answer:  No.  Once your cash has been deposited into your account you have complete control over how to use your funds.  There are no restrictions whatsoever.

Question:  Am I required to pay any additional taxes when I sell part of my pension income?

Answer:  No.  You will in fact continue to receive your pension income just as before with no changes.  However, you will be required to initiate an allotment for the agreed monthly amount for the purchase of your pension to be direct deposited into a designated escrow account.  At the end of the calendar year, you will receive your normal W-2 from your pension provider as usual with no additional tax payments required.